Our enquiry at UnDesignUnit is geared towards undesigning products and processes, thereby departing from conventional design practices and intentions. We are interested in breaking down design into its individual components, in formal terms but also in terms of its context with regard to cause and effect. With our background in design practice and theory and many years of professional experience in the cultural, commercial and academic context, we continuously aim at advancing design as a critical practice.

We believe in addressing the challenges of our times by acknowledging their uneasy complexity and seeking out their potentiality. Accordingly, we consider design to be a significant medium and a strategy for conceiving innovative and discursive formats. The formats we propose are informed by our long-standing expertise in curating, writing and designing, and are aimed at showing different stakeholders in how far design may contribute to opening up new perspectives, approaches and modes of action. By engaging sensory experiences and interactive or participative elements, our formats seek to engage audiences far beyond the design industry in a fruitful discussion about the role of design, its potentials as well as its limitations.

Our investigation takes place within our subject-based research units, among which we have so far gathered food, the future of ageing, new work environments, hacking, and human-animal relations, and which are continuously expanding. An interdisciplinary investigation is precondition to a comprehensive understanding of a subject, thus our research is drawing on and relating to current discourses and insights from disciplines other than design – amongst which social and natural sciences and the arts – and more than often developing them in significant ways with regard to design theory and practice further.

Recent projects include a Future Making Lab at Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, the co-curation of the Hautnah-Fest 2018 and EAT Festival 2019 for BIOTOPIA Naturkundemuseum Bayern.

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